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I–Engineering‚ Inc.provides efficient and user-friendly technology solutions for the Insurance Industry.  Founded in 1999 by Naval Kapoor the company  began developing  an online “brandable” product that would automate the process of rating, quoting, and binding thus giving MGAs and Program Administrators the ability to rate, and quote online submissions from their retailers in real-time.  The industry quickly realized that automation created a speed to market which enhanced their profitability.

After the successful launch of iNet Insurance Manager I-Engineering expanded its product offering to include, policy issuance and administration, analytical reporting, borderereaux generation, web services with carriers, direct bill and more.  All our solutions can be integrated with third party solutions and offers an ease of doing business with single entry and single sign on capabilities. Our iNet suite was developed to provide an end-to-end solution generating efficiency and productivity for our clients

In order to meet the increasing needs of the industry I-Engineering maintains our corporate headquarters in Shelton, CT.  The company is staffed with multiple departments to manage branch office operations.  In 2009 we built a new development center; staffed by our technology group including software engineers, insurance experts, and business consultants with diverse experience in all aspects of the insurance field in order to address the technology vision of the insurance industry.

The company is a proud member of NAPSLO‚ AAMGA‚ PIA‚ TSLA‚ Target Markeets‚ PIWA‚ and FLSA.

Along the path of success, I-Engineering has been recognized as an industry leader providing internet software solutions that best serve the insurance industry.  Today, I-Engineering is a company providing best in class systems and solutions that will take the insurance industry into the distant future.