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iNet Insurance Manager

iNet Insurance Manager is a web-based rating and quoting application for MGAs/Wholesalers to provide to their retailers and for carriers to provide to MGAs.

Quote can be saved for 30 days and completed at a later time. You can edit quotes as often as you like

Binding applications are e-mailed to you for approval and binding confirmation. Saving Manpower, Paper, Toner & Postage

If the risk doesn’t meet your guidelines, the brokers/retailers are not turned away but asked to submit the risk to one of your underwriters

iNet Insurance Manager was created to manage commercial business within a specifc time period. iNet Insurance Manager is designed to increase productivity, reduce administrative costs and increase sales. It allows any “authorized” user with access to a computer and the Internet the ability to quote specifed risks anywhere, on any day, at any time.
iNet Insurance Manager manages and stores policy data on a real-time basis, and interfaces with iNet Analytical Manager to help you manage your business more efficiently.