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Here at I-Engineering we offer multiple channels for our customers to request and receive immediate support for all our solutions. I-Engineering’s global offices allows us to provide our clients with 24/7 support. Our new customer support team is made up of qualified professionals and support specialists who are available around the clock to provide solutions and to resolve any situation you encounter.


To contact a member of our support team please call: 203-402-0800.



Hosting options are available for all I-Engineering solutions. Hosting your IT solution with I-Engineering provides cost saving measures for your organization and offers you 24/7 server support with our qualified specialists. All our hosting options give you a secure infrastructure where you do business.

To learn more about I-Engineering online hosting options please contact our offices at 203-402-0800.

For server support please send an email to


As part of the development process your company sees first hand our I-Engineering solutions can maximize your organizations efficiency and productivity. Training offers your employees and organization the ability to utilize our products to process multiple transactions and a greater volume of business simultaneously to increase your profitability. We offer different training options to fit your organizations needs.

  • Web-Conferencing and Mentoring
  • Custom-onsite Training
  • Follow-Training & Support


Your organization is involved from step one of the development process in order to insure our solution meets your companies vision and objectives. Our project teams provide regular feedback on the development process in order to provide a smooth transition for your organization. Your feedback along the development process allows for immediate release without the lengthy implementation period or extensive learning curve associated with new technology. The solution works for you from day one redefining how your company does business.

Implementation Track

  • On-site discovery
  • Map and schedule guidelines
  • Regular web-conferencing project status updates
  • Feedback/Testing

Custom Solutions

Here at I–Engineering our products take it a step further by giving our clients the ability to customize our solutions. Our systems are brandable‚ scalable and flexible. We implement your vision of what you would like to accomplish today and into the distant future. Our robust platforms at any time will allow you to easily expand or upgrade as your business changes.


We never force you into a box.  We give you the tools to build your own.


Allow our qualified business professionals and support specialist to take your business to the next level. We seek to leverage industry research‚ achieve customer satisfaction‚ and improve profitability. Our track record for doing large scale and complex transactions underscore our commitment to provide world–class service through continuous process improvements in a cost–effective manner. Our focus on quality allows us to streamline processes‚ decrease turnaround time and reduce costs‚ thereby increasing productivity and profitability for our clients.