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iNet Underwriting Guidelines Manual

Ability to build manual pages on an as needed basising.


Each user can personalize the application’s landing page by setting up specific application widgets such as system messages, recently viewed guidelines, etc


Ability to track changes made to the manual internally or externally


Ability to process real-time updates to online manual guidelines

I-Engineering’s new iNet Online Manual is one of the latest products in its iNet Suite that extends your PIE (Paperless Insurance Environment). This robust system provides immediate electronic access to your underwriting guidelines manual.

Agents and company personnel can easily access all agency guidelines including general underwriting guidelines, forms by line of business, state, coverage and agency exceptions including niche or custom programs.


  • Suggestive search allows for easy search of guidelines and rules
  • 24/7 availability means you have the information at your finger tips
  • Simple addition/deletion of manual content.
  • Ability to print forms and applications directly from the system
  • Interactive Chat that allows your agency users to get in touch with your underwriters instantly
  • Creates Personalized notes
  • View multiple pages simultaneously

iNet Online Underwriting Manual Additonal Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Roll back to previous Day, Month & Year
  • Review Request Message, Recently visited pages etc.
  • Add to print queue feature for manuals pages and all the forms
  • Import data from other sources i.e. Excel, Access and Mdb for ISO notes
  • Note taking feature for underwriter and other users in individual sections
  • Agency admin can manage their own agency users i.e. 'Underwriters', 'Principals' and 'Operations'
  • Module / Functional level security (Administrator can control access for specific pages, tabs and menus)